Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Up to the minute GF info from Peet's Coffee & Tea (not on their website)

Courtesy of Glutenfreeville.com


Peet’s Coffee & Tea Gluten Free Info

Here’s the gluten free information sent to me from Peet’s Coffee & Tea Customer Service on February 1, 2011.
  • All of our coffees are produced without gluten and in a plant that does not process or share equipment with glutinous items.
  • Our teas, and herbals (black, green, Oolong, white, and herbals) are made without gluten ingredients. The only exception would be our Genmai Cha which contains roasted rice kernels, so this tea would contain rice gluten, which is generally considered “safe gluten”.
  • Our Dutch Cocoa powder and syrup are both made without gluten ingredients. Our syrup is a mixture of sweeteners and Dutch Cocoa (which is ground cocoa) as well.
  • The additional ingredients used in our various bar beverages (milk, Freddo powder, cocoa powder, and all of our other syrups) are all made without gluten ingredients.
  • Our Pacific Soy Milk is made with organic soybeans, is both gluten free, and casein free.
  • The only item I would recommend avoiding is the Godiva Freddo, as we do not produce the chocolate for this beverage, and cannot speak to the condition of the plant where it is produced.
Check and see where the nearest Peet’s Coffee & Tea is located.

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