Monday, May 23, 2011

Granola Pie Crust, Gluten Free

Ok, here is a really good pie crust whether or not you are gluten free, but it is a perfect option for those that have to eat gluten free. It is a crust that can be used in so many ways and is one that many people would not think twice about being gluten free.
Now you do need gluten free granola for this, If you don’t keep gluten free granola on hand this pie crust would be the perfect excuse to make some. Gluten free granola can also be found in many health food stores or in the gluten free section of your grocery store.
I made this crust for my cheesecake recipe but this crust would work well for just about any no bake pie or any pie that you would use a graham cracker crust for.

Scoop the yogurt filling into pie crust and spread it out.

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