Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Gluten Free Foodie Adventure

So where shall I begin, as I sit here at my desk at home in Sonoma County, California. I am the mom of two special needs children and self-acclaimed foodie. I was diagnosed Gluten Intolerant about 9 months ago. The diagnoses came after at least 15 years of living in agony, with severe GI issues, mood swings, exhaustion, headaches..... I was told it was everything from stress to IBS. I tired everything the Dr. recommended. The symptoms were still there and I was tired of living this way. After hearing so much about GF diets, I decided to begin my own investigation, I mentioned it to my Dr. and she pretty much said I highly doubt it, but you can try and eliminate Gluten from you diet and get back to me. So here began my adventure, no more Gluten for Mamma Bananna. The Internet has been my go to place, as well as some books from the library and talking to a nutritionist friend. It was a trial and error, lots of googling, lots of label reading. I went on a GF tour of a local Whole Foods and got a list of GF items carried by Trader Joes. I didn't go out to eat and always had safe snacks with me. Within 3 days I felt so much better, a month later I went back to see my Dr. and was thrilled to share my findings. She said, OK, now lets have you eat Gluten for 2 weeks, every day. I was scared, would I feel sick again, and sure enough I did, awful. After 2 weeks I went in the blood test, which included testing for Celiacs. The tests came back with high levels for gluten intolerance, not it was not Celiacs. I needed to make a lifestyle change and off I went and have never looked back. My life in now involved with educating others about living Gluten Free. I love to adapt any recipe to make it Gluten Free, why should we have to live without when we can live healthier, happier and Gluten Free all while enjoying food. I mean, cakes, muffins, breads, comfort foods, it can be done with modification and it is all healthier and so delicious. So please join my on my journey and let's live the Gluten Free Adventure.

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